OGB Recent Biography And Net Worth In Naira

Who Is OGB Recent?

OGB Recent, also known as Cultist Boy, is a rising Nigerian comedian and singer from Delta state.

He is best known for his comedy skit “when you newly join cult” and his single “abi you wan collect.” Therefore, today we will be sharing with you OGB Recent Biography And Net Worth In Naira.

OGB Recent Biography And Net Worth In Naira


OGB Recent Profile

  • Name: Michael Charles
  • Stage Name: OGB Recent | Cultist Boy
  • Date of Birth: 2nd September 1997
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Place of Birth: Ijaw, Warri, Delta State
  • State of Origin: Delta State
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Tribe: Warri Tribe
  • Occupation: Comedian | Content Creator | Singer
  • Instagram: ogb_recent_
  • Relationship: Not yet known
  • Phone Number: Not yet known
  • Net Worth: 80 Million Naira

OGB Recent Biography

OGB Recent whose birth name are Micheal Charles, was born on the 2nd of September 1997, in Ijaw Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.
OGB Recent was raised by his parents and attended primary and secondary school in Ijaw, Warri.
After receiving his First Living Certificate and SSCE Certificates, ogb decided to pursue a career as a comedian rather than further his education.
Meanwhile, the young Nigerian works as a computer operator at the ICT Center.
OGB Recent aka Cultist Boy began his comedy career as a random skit maker in 2001, and he almost gave up.
He originally planned to be a cameraman, but changed his mind along the way and decided to become an actor.
However, according to Micheal Charles [OGB Recent], Brain Jotter inspired and motivated him to create his brand.
OGB Recent rose to fame in the same year 2021 after releasing a hit skit titled “when you newly join cult.”
OGB Recent. became well known because the skit went viral. He became one of the best comedians on social media in 2022 after releasing a number of amusing skits.
OGB recent gained popularity as a singer after releasing the hit single *Abi You Wan Collect*. The song was one of the most popular on almost every street after been released.

OGB Recent Age

OGB Recent is 26 years old as of now, he was born on the 2nd of September in the year 1997.

OGB Recent Real Name

The young Nigerian was born Michael Charles, but famously known by his stage names which are; OGB Recent and Cultist Boy.

OGB Recent Phone Number

OGB Recent phone number is not yet known, these could be that the actor has not yet made it public on any social media platform.

OGB Recent Origin

OGB Recent was born and raised in Ijaw, Warri, Delta State Nigeria. He is an origin of Ijaw of Warri, Delta State because his parents are indigen of the village.

OGB Recent Instagram

OGB Recent is one of those Nigerian comedians that are trending on Instagram, the comedian has worked very hard to made name for himself in the country and has finally succeed.
As of date, OGB Recent is one of the most followed Nigerian comedians on Instagram with almost 1 Million followers on his main Instagram page @ogb_recent_.

OGB Recent Cars

OGB Recent is also one of those Nigerian comedians that has car, his notable car was Mercedes Benz of which he bought recently.

OGB Recent Biography And Net Worth In Naira


OGB Recent Comedies

Here are some interesting comedies of ogb recent;






OGB Recent Net Worth

OGB Recent net worth was estimated to be around 80 Million Naira as of 2024. He is currently one of the richest Nigerian comedians.

Frequently Asked Questions About OGB Recent. [FAQ]

Where Is OGB Recent From?

He is from Ijaw, Warri. Delta State Nigeria

Is OGB Recent a Cultist?

No, he is not a cultist

What Is OGB Recent Real Name?

His name is Michael Charles

How Old Is OGB Recent?

He is 26 years old as of now

Is OGB Recent a Christian?

Yes, he is a true Christian

Which State Is OGB Recent From?

Delta State

How Much Is OGB Recent Net Worth?

80 Million Naira as of 2024

Does OGB Recent Has a Car?

OGB Recent has 1 Mercedes Benz which he bought recently.

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