Lilin Baba Biography, Age, Wife, Cars, Wedding And Net Worth

Who Is Lilin Baba?

Lilin Baba is a well-known musical artist from the Hausa film industry, also known as kannywood.

He is best known for his exceptional musical taste. In addition to acting and singing, Lilin Baba is a film producer in the industry.

On this post, APM shall be discussing about Lilin Baba Biography, Age, Name, Wife, Cars, Wedding And Net Worth. But before that, let’s all check his profile summary as shown below.

Lilin Baba Profile Summary

  • Name: Shu’aibu Ahmed Abbas
  • Father: Ahmed Abbas
  • Mother: Binta Ahmed
  • Stage Name: Lilin Baba
  • Date of Birth: 2nd January 1992
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Place of Birth: Gwoza, Borno State
  • Origin: Kano State
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Tribe: Hausa
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Occupation: Actor | Singer
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse/Wife: Ummi Rahab
  • Phone Number: Not Available
  • Net Worth: 15 Million

Lilin Baba Biography

Shu’aibu Ahmed Abbas famously known as Lilin Baba is a popular Kannywood actor, musician, songwriter, film producer, and director in Nigeria.
On January 2nd 1992, in Gwoza, Borno State, Nigeria, Ahmed Abbas (father) and Binta Ahmed (mother) gave birth to the renowned actor/singer “Lilin Baba.”
Lilin Baba attended primary and secondary school in Borno State, where he grew up.
After finishing his primary and secondary education, he attended a higher education institution and obtained a diploma for his course of study.
Lilin Baba joined the Kannywood film industry in 2016 after finishing all of his studies.
He made his film debut in “Hauwa Kulu,” alongside top Kannywood and well-known actors.
His outstanding performance in the role he was given aided him in breaking into the Hausa film industry.
Lilin Baba rose to prominence in Kannywood in 2021 after directing “WUFF,” a film starring Ummi Rahab, Ali Nuhu, Umar M Shereef, and other Kannywood actors.
Meanwhile, Lilin Baba is a talented actor as well as a top Hausa musician in Kannywoos. He is also a gifted songwriter with a melodic voice.

Lilin Baba Awards

  • At the 2018 City People Entertainment Awards, Lilin Baba was nominated for Arewa Most Promising Music Act of the Year.
  • Lilin Baba also won Arewa Best R&B Music Act of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards in 2019.

Lilin Baba Age

Lilin Baba is 32 years old

Lilin Baba Real Name

His real name is Shu’aibu Ahmed Abbas

Lilin Baba Songs

As a musical artist, Lilin Baba has added so many awesome songs to his credit, which is why he is a top singer today and also one of the best. Here are some of his musics;
  1. Korona ft Adam A Zango
  2. Xee
  3. Tsaya
  4. Rigar So
  5. Abaya
  6. Dan Dama
  7. Ahaiye
  8. Surri
  9. Gimbiya
  10. Sauti
  11. Indadadi
  12. Dabbing
  13. Dama Dama
  14. And Others.

Lilin Baba Cars

There isn’t much information about Lilin Baba’s car collection. But other websites, however, claim that the Kannywood star has a large collection of cars in his garage.

Lilin Baba Instagram

Lilin Baba is one of the most followed Hausa singer in the Kannywood industry, however, you can get in touch with him by following him on his Instagram account @lilin.baba with almost 500k followers.

Lilin Baba Wedding

Lilin Baba’s wedding took place on June 18, 2022, when the musician married the love of his life, Ummi Rahab.

Lilin Baba Wife

Lilin Baba’s wife is Ummi Rahab who was his longtime girlfriend.

Lilin Baba Net Worth

Lilin Baba Net Worth was estimated to be around 15 Million Naira as of 2024. Making him one among the top richest Hausa singers.

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